Precast concrete utility structures offer an ease of installation and backfilling that you don’t get with cast in place.


These structures will not breakdown over time as structures made of alternate materials, when they come in contact with water.


A great way to reduce excavation and labour costs; best of all you can eliminate many safety concerns that arise with open excavation, below grade, and traditional concrete framing systems.

PPS Reference Product Name Type Spec PDF Enquire
409206 / 409205 5X9 Ottawa Hydro Manhole Top and Bottom Manhole UCS0013 Launch Enquiry Form
409209 / 409208 6X12 Ottawa Hydro Manhole Top and Bottom Manhole UCS0014 Launch Enquiry Form
406210 / 409208 6X12 Ottawa Hydro Switchgear Manhole Top and Bottom Manhole UCS0025 Launch Enquiry Form
409163 Adjuster Ring 39" OD x 33" ID x 6" high Manhole Launch Enquiry Form
409271 Octagonal Traffice Control Handhole 27" Handhole LID004D
Launch Enquiry Form
409169 Ontario Single Phase Hydro One Transformer Base Foundation DU-09-101, DU-09-201, BCP110PC Launch Enquiry Form
409212 Ottawa Hydro Manhole Spacer for Switchgear Transformer Pad Manhole UCS0025 Launch Enquiry Form
412135 Ottawa Hydro Manhole Switchgear Pad Manhole UCS0026 Launch Enquiry Form
409211 Ottawa Hydro Manhole Transformer Pad Manhole UCS0035 Launch Enquiry Form
409214 Rogers Handhole 32.5" X 32.5" Handhole UG2-4, UCS0016 Launch Enquiry Form
409270 Traffic Control Handhole 12" X 20" Handhole Launch Enquiry Form
409164 / 413227 Transformer Base and Pad 4X4 Single Phase 25kVA-167kVA Foundation UCS0003 Launch Enquiry Form
409167 / 409168 Transformer Base and Pad 6X6 Three Phase 150kVA-2500kVA Foundation UCS0001 Launch Enquiry Form

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